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Mar 24, 2022

So what is "fitness"? Is is the ability to run a marathon but being inable to dop a single pushup? Or is fitness the ability to lift really heavy weights, even though you get winded while walking up a flight of stairs?

The problem is that when we point to people who are "fit" we tend to go the the extremes of either cardiorespiratory fitness on one end of the spectrum, or beast-mode physical strength on the other end. But by doing that we devalue things like stamina, flexibility, balance, agility and so on.

So instead of trying to emulate someone who might be accomplished in one of the extremes, why not shoot for GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS, where you are capable of more than just one thing?

How about we define fitness for the average non-athlete, as having the capacity to meet your daily physical demands, PLUS have enough left over to meet any extra, unexpcted demands, or crisis (heaven forbid)?

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